Hidden Truth Behind Malthael the Archangel of Death [Diablo Lore]

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Art Credits: Akiman, Shadowlord-Dante, Ratzgoblin, Peter Lee, Ziom05, Joel Lagerwall, KatRoArt, PhanouArt, Kurunya, KoTnoneKoT

Hidden Truth Behind Malthael the Archangel of Death [Diablo Lore]

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  1. makes more sense and better story if the nefalem was a regualer person, not a necro
    not a tempalar
    not a crusader
    not a monk
    and deffintly not a fucking stupied witch doctor
    or the wizard
    best class for a good story is barbarian, wich i say 1 should look younger, and be called mercenary.
    basically a avrage joe dose not his power and then discovers hes epic and defats death just plain shit. makes for better story really

  2. Thanks Malthael, with out your actions. The prime evils wouldn't be free to corrupt the world and create the new Emperor of Hell. The Dark Nephalem. together with his lord generals Diablo, Mephisto & Baal. And their Captains Andariel, Duriel, Belial & Azmodan. Have destroyed heaven and enslaved Sanctuary.
    Tyrael the last of the Angels, before he died had sex with the Dark Nephalem's former comrade. She has triplets and these 3 seemingly normal classless people are shaped by the path the players take.

    Game ends with no more heaven or hell and no more Angels or Demons. Just humans.

  3. This Game is Copy from the book of Enoch about Angles and Nephilim but..in book of Enoch Female Angel is not Existed… according to book of Enoch all Angels are Male in Fact they go down in Earth to took some Daughters of Man. And pregnant them ..their Son is Called Nephilim.

  4. Would Malthael possibly be a stepping stone to the next games, where the great evils are working together, somewhat

  5. What I don't understand is that Nephalem are partially defined by beings that are both good and evil. They have a choice to be good or evil and they can do actions defined as good or evil anytime they want. But then there's that Angel who flees with a Demon and stop doing their duties. There are 'corrupt'/fallen angels (and demons). What about them? They appear to have choice too.

  6. The fact that the worldstone was destroyed and released the humans nephalem potential and the fact that malthael absorbs the recently nephalem potent soul. He should have been strong

  7. So what was the hidden truth? I already knew all this just by playing the game and reading wikipedia lol.

  8. Makes no sense … The aspects of each Archangel should be indestructible if the aspects or lords of hell could not be destroyed

  9. Malthael did what was right, after all he is the arc angel of wisdom not death. He saved humanity by making himself the villian, nephelem defeated him and there was peace once again. The nephelem will allways win against evil even in death.

  10. If you ask me, I'd say humanity should annihilate both angels and demons, that'd stop the Eternal Conflict. At least that way the only conflict would be between humans, and at least humans stop to take a breather once in a while, unlike the immortals.

  11. Honestly, I kind of want to see imperious be the villan due to the fact that he threatens the nephleam and the angris council serval times. I get that he's doing what's best for the council and the high heavens but how cool would it be.

  12. Well, with Humans baring the freedom of Choice, why not devise a means by which to curse Demons with that same freedom. The result would be a corruption of the corrupt, a spreading plague of thought, of doubt, of mercy and introspection.

  13. Malthael action were actually really justified he was the angel of wisdom and he knew if ridding all demonic life he would have ended the long battle between angels and demons once and for all.

  14. You forgot to add that in the end Tyrael saw what Malthael have already seen – a mortal, standing above angels and demons in power, hoping that when the time comes he/she won't turn evil. Options are "wait and see" or "prevent before it's too late". Malthael is Illidan of Diablo confirmed.

  15. I would like Blizzard to collaborate with Sony PS4 and Xbox One to create a console version of Diablo 1 and 2
    As PC players would know that constantly clicking on the mouse will have tremendous repercussions of the hand😉☺

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