Hel Super Carrier Ratting Tutorial – EVE Online

Super carrier ratting tutorial using a Hel (Minmatar Super Carrier).
It’s easy to run Rock or Gas Havens in a Super carrier without loosing any fighters – As long as you pay attention and make sure your fighters are always orbiting something.

If you do it correctly, you will be looking at around 120m Isk per tick!

Note: I will be doing more videos on Super ratting and home defence in the future so stay tuned!

”Imagine a swarm of deadly hornets pouring from the devil’s mouth. Now imagine they have autocannons.”
-Unknown Hel designer


  1. Man my hel has t2 shield extenders ratting and getting caught is gonna happen. I would rather have more tank just in case and less per tick. Ratting in a super always made me nervous. So I just use a regular carrier now

  2. my super carrier hel with 7100 dps templar t2 ametat t2 can only do 110mil per tick while my corp mate 6600 dps nyx same fighters can do 130mil per tick… epic fail

  3. Why orbit the rats? Do the fighters stop orbiting automatically when you order them to fire? Why not just let them orbit the gate at all times?

  4. can someone explain to me why people use the fighters with bombs and microjumps rather than the fighters with torps and microwarpdrives?

  5. Holy shit is that a bad fit, get some ehp on that, also learn how to use hotkeys, you should have a hotkey to select/deselect all fighters and to select/deselect ship, not to mention use an orbit hotkey at the very least.

  6. Damn… you should change the tittle to how not to rat with a hel. First, your fit is garbage (i have 3 times your ehp in my hel), 2nd 40kk tic is terrible… i never do bellow 100kk in my super, 3th how do you lose fighters ratting?? you really need to improve before posting videos that show how bad u are doing it… to be honest, the only decent thing u did was the align… but hey we can't expect much from TEST… P.S.: nice skin

  7. You should not have your fax in the same system as your carrier you're ratting in. You can't jump to the cyno when in the same system. And warping to your tackled carrier takes pretty long (align time) and smart attackers will have stopping bubbles put up to catch you out of warp far away from your carrier.

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