Hearthstone – When You Get a lot of Voidlords

arena run with 3x voidlord, how good is that warlock deck?

ES_Oh So Hot – Gavin Luke
ES_Wild Slide – Gavin Luke
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


  1. Hey bro i just wanna say i like the elektro much more in your hs vids then classical/ mozart style music etc. This elektro swing music is MUCH more fitting and gives it a more meme vibe to it. i hope u use it more instead of decrease it usage

  2. He's an idiot for conceding at the end there. He would've survived another turn with 1hp and been able to trade the voidwalker with the bone drake and drawn an random dragon. If he highrolls alexstraza there he wins.

  3. I don't know why, but if there will be a card, either monster or weapon
    "overkill: not trigger deathrattle…" 0:51it would be great in such situation…

  4. E quase não o venceu Hehehe
    Esses dragões geram muito valor pro guerreiro.
    E agr na rotação quero só ver como ficará a arena.
    Lotada de guerreiros.

  5. That is what I hate! What if he get alexstrasza next turn (cause he has 9 health and take 8, and 6/1 Bone Drake deathrattle activates into maybe something that can help, for ex. Alexstrasza)

  6. The moment when you play three 8/9 for 5 mana, and your opponent topdecks Brawl. Games->Hearthstone->Options->Uninstall

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