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Hey everyone… So I said I would go back for the release of outlast 2, but I never expected I would have the experience I did. When I went back, I expected the door to open and close like before etc… But this was just so much worse. I’m not going back.. Ever.

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  1. Hey guys, if you're tuning into this still, I just wanted to let you guys know that I go live every day at 10:30pm EST (4:30am GMT) and you guys can ask me whatever questions you'd like there! Make sure to come swing by πŸ™‚

  2. How do you not have all the video's related to the poltergeist pinned together under playlists for easy surfing? That's the best evidence I've ever seen for paranormal….put them together

  3. see its like may be everything about the video is dark and may be this was all planned about the things like door and that box from the table are tied with a invisible thread or something and someone is pulling the thread from a hidden place this is just a setup nothing else
    i might be wrong but just guessing no judgments here
    anyways interesting video though

  4. This guy deserves his own show. This is amazing. I love you and your bravery dude. Thank you for showing us this

  5. Isnt what he technically did like a seance? He tried to communicate with it, and ontop of it all he had 26k+ viewers watching live. I dont believe in stuff like this, but people say that spirits react to the energy of the participants in a seance. Maybe it got malignant because rather than 1 person there, there was 26,000

  6. ghosts don't exist. I'm going to believe that you're not making a hoax here because your acting isn't terrible. someone is probably fucking with you

  7. It's not an entity it's a poltergeist these sorta ghosts are spirits that wonder the earth in anger, spirits like this drag attention to make the person scared.
    Don't go close or near a entity because you may experience the way they died.

  8. @Rubzy, things will get worse if you dont do anything about it. By meaning worse I mean entity will get stronger the longer you leave it and egnore its presence. You need to rid of it permanent and ASAP, if not it will make you go crazy or even worse possess.

    1) go to church and ask for preist to come by and do the holy blessing with holy water (this might work permanently or temperary depends and might come back once it wears off, thus people who got this type of problem usually get it blessed once a year or two, depending on how worse the situation is).

    2) get hold of a crusifix nails (usually found in a a old church/monestry – where church escavation is done or church roof top is being maintainance). You can ask the church monk/priest whether they kept it as part of exhibit etc. And if they ask why tell them so how bad it is and its emergency and this is what you been surgest. You nailed the nail in the middle (centre) of the house in a wall or on a door, the main frame which hold the house together and leave it there.

    The way it work is that it works like holy water but more permanent this you only need to do this once, and that the nails been blessed for many years so long as to the numbers and amount of people who passes away and preyed to the church and so on (so you can imagine how many preys thats been done in the church and how long the nails been stuck to the top of the roof before its been removed to fix or replace).

    Asia people believe the same, and this is one of the many permanent way to rid off evil if things goes way too out of hand. Preying to Jesus and having the holy bible at hand dont do much. Trust me. Ive been there.

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