Hands-On with the NVIDIA Shield TV (2017)

We’ve had a blast using the new NVIDIA SHIELD! With the latest update, Google Assistant has been added, so you have the power of Google Home in this streaming device!


Thank you to NVIDIA for sponsoring this video.

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  1. Hi hope you can help I’ve put external hd on my shield ,and now found that the hard connector abit wonky,how do I put my new hard drive onto it ,I click on it and no option to format ?.?.?.

  2. Wanna know how far i can take my shield. Skies the limit??
    Quick question about the shield. I have this years version (The 16g ) I know there's no HDMI port, but this unit is the real deal. But unlike many of the boxes, we were able to hook up through the stereo for surround sound. I use mine for streaming ..apk's and Kodi..
    Is there a way to get or hook up and get surround sound. It would take it to the next level

  3. I have a smart roku TV but I feel like it's kind of limited, so I'm deciding to buy this to make my smart TV even smarter lol

  4. Hey Stephanie I bought the Nividia Shield but then I found a RVEAL2 so now I’m stuck. I stream TV and I put builds on them to watch movies that are in the theaters. So streaming movies and TV are what I was going to use it for.
    So now I have $809 tied up in streaming boxes,LOL. I bought the Nividia Shield because of you! With that smile and those beautiful eyes I had to buy one.
    You have an amazing presents on your video and give off great vibs. How you continue to add more videos because your great at it! You sold me.

  5. Nice review. The N-vidia Shield TV IS the absolute best streaming device I have ever owned. N-vidia has produced a winning combination of speed, power, and flexibility with this unit and I LOVE it.

    Nvidia… no "a" after the N… COULD sell this kit for less, but I'll buy 2 more at this price and it WILL be worth it.

  6. good afternoon, greetings from Colombia, the 16 GB console can expand the internal memory by USB, since they have removed the micro SD slot.

  7. Unfortunately I still need my xbox one x to play uhd/bluray movies and it still doesn't send atmos audio from the Netflix app. On the other hand, it sends audio directly to my receiver via pass thru through plex quite nicely unlike xbox.

  8. Ive had mine for 2 days now and I looooove it great for streaming but man does it run emulators dreamcast,gamecube,psp,saturn all run like a dream

  9. I don't like the volume control. The volume in the middle of the remote is very sensitive. I frequently touch the middle of the remote and the volume will go up and down.

  10. Hello, I should have two queries: Will the Critical Ops play over this new gamepad on this console? I noticed that this new nvidia gamepad misses the gray area for finger-touch control (similar to the mouse) at the first gamepad, this option was, and how is it new? Without a zoo, I would get to the main menu as much as possible in the game. And no longer because it requires a touchscreen to play with the options in the game. For the first version of the gamepad and nvidia tablet it is not such a problem as I can on this device game ok in ok. The question is how will it work with Nvidia TV 2017? Next, when this time offer ends in 35 hours sales, there is no way to buy this one: nvidia shield tv? Which would be a pity if it was not enough 🙁

  11. Right now Amazon and a few other places are running a Black Friday sale on the Nvidia Shield, I'm not sure how long the sale is going to last. As of yesterday you can purchase the Nvidia Shield for $30.00 off at $169.99 for the non pro version. This is a heck of a good deal as I've never seen the Nvidia Shield ever discounted. The Nvidia Shield is in a class all it's own, and it's well worth the investment. Happy shopping.

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