GTA V – The Debt (Directors Cut)

“All debts get repaid, in full.”

Contains minor cursing, some bloody violence. A GTA V Short film made in Rockstar PC Editor.

Disclaimer: I have never made a short before making this, this is the first, and hopefully the first of many. I made this back when Rockstar PC Editor first became available, and it was at the nitpick stage where I just put it down for a bit, as life got in the way, finally found a bit of time and thought I would release it for sake of just getting it out. It’s a bit longer than I would have liked, but I felt the length was needed to pace it. There are some minor continuity things that I just couldn’t replicate in GTA again, so apologies if that stuff gets to you! I know it does for me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Boris the Blade ( who was a BIG influence in giving myself a kick up the butt to finish this, his videos are incredible, go watch them all.

Some stills captured from the short over here in 1080p:

Music used:
Prison Riot – The Raid 2 OST
Chang and Sword – Cliff Martinez
Ode (Cover of Nils Frahm original) – Chris Geehan
Some (Cover of Nils Frahm original) – Chris Geehan
Showbiz by Muse (Special Edit) – Chris Geehan



  1. nice video

    i wish it would be more easy to find such great videos. there is so much overhyped lets play trash on youtube

  2. Hey man! I commented before on one of the previous uploaded versions of "The Debt". I was wanted to say congratulations on rockstar featuring it!

  3. Dude, you have a greatly evident command over your shots and pacing. For sure I bet you'll continue to make amazing work with the editor. Sub'd 🙂

  4. This video deserves more attention.. This is one of the best gta v short films ive ever seen 😀
    keep up the good work man 🙂

  5. Oh My GOD… This is amazing, as a student of filming I must say, this is incredible.
    The angles are perfect and the music is really good. You sir or madam, earned my sub! Keep it up, you have a future in hollywood, I can see it!

  6. Honestly, I wasn't too overwhelmed by this. It felt like a very long movie promotional, that had almost no direction. We get the revenge bit, but who are the characters? Why should I like them? Is killing a good enough reason for me to enjoy this? I feel as if it's lackluster at best. It definitely has a good over all vibe to it, but it's missing so very much. You guys should take a night to watch, John Wick.

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