Goodbye Destiny, Hello Monster Hunter

With the recent release of Monster Hunter World on PS4, Mike and Jake explore the many ways it has usurped Destiny as their “lifestyle” game of choice.

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  1. If u like destiny u should play the real deal halo, cuz that's what destiny was halo without its soul, and Activision finger in your butt at the same time…

  2. I bought Destiny 2 at full price just before it's free on PSplus. And at that price, I still have to but expansion (which I'm not buying) to progress the leveling cap since standard destiny 2 level locked at 20, wtf? meanwhile MHW, a little bit pricey but man, free dlc, events, everything, mostly without paying (real money). there are paid dlc but to essential to the game, just stickers and gesture. and MHW updates next year, geralt and ice bourne, damn

  3. MH has always been a game that, in my eyes, made looting fun. they don't feel like a timesink because the actual grinding i.e. hunting monsters, is such an intricate process in itself. nothing about this game is passive. preparing for a hunt requires consideration and knowledge about the best equipment for the job and a deep understanding of what to bring to help you out in any situations. after that its a case of choosing from a plethora of weapons that each have their own unique mechanics and controls. lets not even talk about the immersion aspect of this series. even back when i played on my PSP, the monsters have always been so well animated. hunting them demanded that you observe their behaviors and attack patterns. the game gives you so many ways to tackle your hurdles and it truly feels gratifying to overcome all the difficulty walls the game throws at you.

    The division and destiny's gameplay feel like a chore and almost braindead in comparison

  4. I love that all of the gear in the game has a purpose. I would NEVER think to discard a weapon or piece of gear, mostly for collection purposes, but you never know if you'll want to use that armor or weapon in the future. Unlike Destiny, where you'll toss just about every armor or weapon that aren't at least purple rarity.

  5. I played Monster Hunter Generations quite a bit on the DS, and while I found it very enjoyable, it still didn't have the 'lifestyle' quality I was looking for. I adore the types of games that stick with you years after initially playing them. World has absolutely blown my expectations out of the water, while simultaneously igniting a new appreciation for the previous Monster Hunter title I played. I can't wait for this world to be added onto with upcoming DLC and potential new titles.

  6. If you've never played a MH game before, i suggest to be patient and try to understand the scale of why the game is praised so much, to new players it might seem confusing at first but it does get better once you stick with it. I still see people comparing it to Dark Souls, like, why? 🔫

  7. Problem with Destiny 2 is that you rush to the endgame and you quickly find out that there is no endgame. Not anything fun to play, anyways.

  8. Im a veteran player with 2000+ plus hours in Destiny 1, been there every first day release of their dlc's. The taken king was The special one. Grouping up with your friends on party chat, having some beers listening to music on Spotify in The background and getting warmed up for doing the normal and hardcore raid was fantastic. And then there was the farming for malice and Black spindler which was exotic weapons just for that raid so you could change tactics and new speedruns. Everything i did in destiny 1 has so many memories and good times. However when we got to Destiny 2 All that was ruined. We had to start all over again, we got Max level and 285 light in 6 days. Then we waited for the raid to release, as soon the servers was back on we jumped into the raid and completed it in 8 hours. It was a joke, it was just puzzles and minimum boss battles. The second week we killed Calus with only 2 People in the throne room and 4 in the shadow realm in 6 minutes. When we realised how much of a joke d2 was we quited. Fuck d2, bungie, Activision for shitting on all the veterans. D2 should be a dlc, but instead they call it for a New game. So the veterans lose all their progression, memories, and rewards for this shit.

  9. i love monster hunter and i dislike destiny, but this feels like an unfair comparison, the games are too different

  10. Even more, bungie is trying to make up for their mistakes and they are expecting us to pay 70$. Unimaginable move, i enjoyed destiny 2 till this day, time to move on to other games well worth their money. Started mhw 2 days ago, simply amazing, can't be compared with a crap game costing us 170$ in total..

  11. I was always the type to pick a weapon and ONLY use that weapon in previous monster hunter games, it is only now in MHW that I was compelled to try other types of weapons. Since there’s so much more interaction between the player and environment I also feel that it would be a little hard to go back to previous monster hunter games, but no less fun.

  12. I completely enjoy destiny 2 I don't have any issues with the game or bungie or what ever I like all the raids, campaigns,, public games, etc etc, there's nothing wrong about it,,,,,,, them other so called people who complain about it are stupid,, when the ONLY answer is,,,,,, if you don't like the game DONT buy it ,,,SIMPLE,,,,

  13. League of Legends is my lifestyle game; I've been playing since mid season two but have only really recently started to get into it and I'm loving it so much

  14. For those ho don't know, you can actually control the chances of loot drop, if you focus your attacks on monsters tails you can cut it out and harvest it, if you Focus your attacks on the face and live the body, you can get pelts easier and so on

    I discover this after a bunch of trail and errors, so I wanted to see what chances I could get if I attack a certain place

  15. Because monhun series were single time purchase games, it had no mean to exploit player psyche or train them like lab rats in a skinner box to enhance microtransactions.
    That's why it has to offer the best experience unadulterated otherwise people would just buy other games.

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