1. This Guy should be arrested for Child abuse and Bad parenting, The kid took the candy piece because his father set him up, he was Trying to get attention from the Internet or something.

  2. People keep talking about how expensive the Xbox was. But it doesn't matter, it's a small price to pay really, so that your son doesn't end up being a thief as an adult.

  3. They start acting like demon’s over this kid stealing Candy

    They could just take their PS4 or Xbox one away and give it back when they want to like the way that every parent does

    And it’s so sad to film a child getting depressed and getting tortured

    Or the child could get grounded or go to his room as well


    The kid gotta get a foster house (no offense)

    Why do the cops don’t care they gotta do something about that

    Like that’s messed up seeing a kid cry and get hurt that’s just messed up

    If you want to save consoles type into this comment called #Stopchildabuse #stopconsoleabuse

    Spam it if you want these consoles to be safe and not get hurt


  4. Good parenting my ass. Y'all are making him resent you. Wait until he moves out, and see if he cares about you.

  5. Poor freaking kid- some people shouldn't be parents. You don't destroy your kids things as punishment! Sure take it away for awhile , a week , a month but this just being mean. Next time the dad screws up somone should wreck his tv or phone , see how funny it is then

  6. What is wrong with you, you stupid piece of trash? You're a failure of a parent. Give someone your car so they can smash it like you fucking deserve for being a fucking failure to your child. Shithead.

  7. Wtf did the kid do to deserve that? I cant imagine having a parent like that, and to video tape it? Some people are really f*cked up

  8. I stole some candy when I was little, my mom saw me eating it in the back of the car, she whipped it around and made me return it and apologize. I was so embarrassed I never stole again.

  9. Let me abuse you or destroy your property. God you are a horrible person and all your teachings your child is fear. Which is proven not to work.

  10. I know this is a few years old but this is shit parenting for a number of reasons. A better solution would be to ground him and maybe make him pay it back somehow through chores or something.

  11. Not gonna lie, this happened at my house only a few days ago. Got a cellphone for my son but he wasn't allowed to have it until he brought up his grades. He instead decided to go into me and my wife's room, search for it and think he wouldn't be caught. He accidentally butt dialed me when it was in his pocket and we called him out about it when we got home then proceeded to give him a hammer and send him outside with the phone he decided that he deserved without the work.

  12. Father didn't have to put it on the internet. Nice language too. I'd have zero respect for my father if he did that and now the kid is just gonna learn to resent him and rightfully so. Way to go Dad. A private butt beating would have solved it but dad of the year had to make a show out of it. He had the right intention but public shaming from someone who "loves" you? This dad sucks.

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