GAME SINS | Everything Wrong With Detroit: Become Human

Do androids dream of David Cage? Who knows, but David commits all of the same sins he always does in his new game, Detroit: Become Human.

Please enjoy GAME SINS Everything Wrong With Detroit: Become Human.

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  1. How did you not sin Markus grabbing the black coat from the junk yard. For one it was convenient for him and the plot, plus it’s cliche, & it’s so David Cage

  2. I noticed that a lot in the playthrough's I've seen, like the plot can only be pushed by idiots or just terrible people in general. There is so many bad humans in this game unlike real life. Though the best is how the "president" Doesn't even know America History. Looks like an interesting game, but man is the writing not as good as it could be. Edit: Wow people in the comments are butthurt! Oh man Fanboys are the worst people. SInning Cage IS sinning the game, since the story is what is being sinned. Sheesh people.

  3. 8:06 Not going to lie man, if they somehow packaged coke in a sweet inhaler that blew red smoke, you bet your ass I'm going to have a white nose and red lips.

  4. My theory is RA9 is all of the Main Trio, their companions, and the Player.
    -The Main Trio have a connected consciousness and that is us. There are numerous points at which they're implied to be connected or the same person or referred to as if they are the player, like when Lucy says "You're looking for yourself" when we're trying to find Marcus. You make decisions for all of them, and can use knowledge from one of the others to inform your decisions at several points in the game.
    -Most of the companions who have intimate contact with the Protagonists don't believe in RA9.
    +Alice is exposed to the idea of RA9 and never mentions it at all.
    +North, Simon, and even Josh live with numerous RA9 devotees and yet don't ever mention the idea themselves, despite all three saying Marcus is a savior of their people.
    +Hank is human and mentions the idea of RA9 briefly, but only in a philosophical context which directly parallels his coming to terms with Android sentience.
    +All help with the Android deliverance DEPENDING on how we affect their fates.
    +Luther is an RA9 worshiper, but doesn't have a lot of impact on the story, and it could be argued Kara's relationship with him is mostly dependent on his relationship with Alice, rather than directly with her, and our decisions rarely dictate what he chooses to do, unlike the other companions.

  5. 17:41 Zlatko does recognize Alice, that's why he asks "What about her?" in reference to the Deviant question. He just doesn't argue when he sees Kara doesn't know/is lying because he doesn't care. He later hesitates and is slightly sarcastic when he calls her "the child" and doesn't hesitate but is mocking when calling Kara Alice's Mommy. That's probably why he didn't let Kara in until he saw Alice. He probably didn't think Kara was an android.

  6. At the start sin for liberty be to obvius .Sin for 35% unemployement but not being protests, "look at that android he can stole our jobs but not stand up". Sin for a bad dialog. These three should cancel everyother out, i couln't watch the video until the end it gave me nausea.

  7. The part where you said "it's never explained why Markus does this" is actually explained by kamski (I think? Forget who but I believe it was him) he mentioned all androids are constantly communicating with each other and that a devient can transfer something to the other android that makes it change and go deviant.

    That other Eden club murder was mentioned. The owner is hesitant and says they had an issue where an Android "ran away." The way the phrase is said hints towards something else having happened.

  8. David Cage wants us to believe the rich founder can act cryptically and force an android he doesn't own or command to take part in a test, then refuse to cooperate with the police if that android passes his test, and that the police will not suspect him of having any personal involvement in the spate of android deviancy cases that are being investigated by Hank.

    Cage has tragic consequences programmed into his game for the player to unlock, and has his darling main menu babe berate you on his behalf when they happen. She exists to deliver a stern "fuck you" when you don't play the game the way the developer wants you to play it.

    Hank's scene with Connor at the park bench happens even if you don't catch the deviants at the Eden Club, so it seemingly comes out of nowhere and Hank gives an opinion about the relationship of the deviants to each other as if he had the chance to observe it. Since David really wanted this scene to happen, Connor and Hank should have had at least half an hour, and there shouldn't have been a mechanical timer.

    I'm putting up these sins so that you can break 200 with at least two of them.

  9. To take away a few sins it does end put that Alice is afraid to tell Kara she is an android that she might not love her anymore. Alice doesn't tell her because she has never experienced love and when she has it, doesn't want to lose it. BOOM UN-SINNED THIS SINNER (wouldn't make a difference cause there'd still be a load of sins but oh well XD)

  10. You and anyone else that doesn’t like this game is an actually waste of life. You have lost all appreciation for games and don’t see the amount of work and passion put into it, believe what you want about the writer but it’s an amazing, story rich game, it doesn’t take a genius to see that so fuck you if you think otherwise

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