1. All of you are ignorant to what J.K. Rowling's intentions are regarding expanding on the Fatastic Beasts story. Research more before offering your imbecilic opinions. Unsubscribing.

  2. YEhaaaa Vorpahl HOSTING!!!! Damn im buying Me some bostom market for tnx-giving just cause amy held that plate. Eff it there has to be one open right now so i can stuff my face.

  3. What's this about "first half of the season" premiering in April?? Are they splitting the season instead of airing them straight through??

  4. Definitely Clegane Bowl. I wanna see the hound borrow Long Claw from Jon to fight the Mountain, for Sansa, and after a hard fought battle the Hound takes a mighty swing with Long Claw through the sword, arms, & neck. Right? Hound, long claw, wolf. He becomes a part of the pack.

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