1. I just got back into Shadowverse and I am SEVERELY behind on cards. So I go into ranked and people are pulling them high attack invocs, Prince of Cocytus, that 20/20 bitch from playing cards cost 1-10.

    But luckily I pulled Chronos before I took a haitus. So I’m just like “YOU WANNA PLAY BIG HONEY?! YOU BETTER HAVE THE DECK TO BACK IT UP!”

    Granted, I’m still in rank C, but still. Chronos is like the best comeback to these cocky decks I keep running into.

  2. Played against cocytus deck. At the last moment when he got cocytus he use that 5 pp dragon to draw and infernal surge to draw 3 card. I helped him to draw more with maso queen and that aoe 5pp card and win the game.

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