Free Fire – New Map, New Weapon

New Features
1. The new map – Purgatory.
2. Fire Pass System. Collect badges to unlock 10000 diamonds worth of rewards by completing missions.
3. New character – Maxim the Glutton.
4. The new pistol – M500 revolver.
5. New Loadout – Scanner.
6. Ziplines (only available in Purgatory) – use to quickly move around the new map.
7. Death spectate and reporting for squads.
8. Guild Glory System – earn Glory to guilds by playing with your guildmates.
9. Guild expansion – increase the size of your guild.
10. Guild leaderboards.
11. Customizable surfboards.
12. Addition of more tires for you to jump on around the map.

Corrections and Improvements
1. Brand new lobby and store UI in order to fit all of our new features and items nicely.
2. Added a bunch of new sound effects and animations for the usage of items.
3. A slight buss to M14 and Kar98k
4. Desert Eagle has been temporarily removed from the game.

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