Fortnite | 30 Tips and Tricks for Season 8

New Tips and tricks are difficult to come by after 8 seasons of Fortnite Battle Royale so I though we’d go through all the mechanics and mini tactics which work during season 8. Some you’ll know, some you may have forgotten and some are unique to season 8 so if you’re ready let’s do this!

Let’s go through….
Baller traversal, rock climbing, emoting to be harder to hit, heal on the go, canons, geysers, canon tricks, quad crashers cheats, vending machines, timers, treasure bags of gold, secret stone, traps single button press, launch pad single button press, flintlock pistol, slow down launch pad, skip animations, redeploy tricks, bunny hop for speed, ice momentum up hills, dropping from trees, getting into one by ones, turtling tactics, easy traps elims, counter, smoke signals, camp fire strategies, ping system tricks.

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