Flock in Congregation Ded in Isolation – Highlander Mjerrabaine Swordcraft (Rotation) – Shadowverse

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  1. Hm, if they have Celia on 15:19 they would have lethal yeah? 2 from the boosted knight from Oathless Knight, 4 from Celia, attack and get 1 knight plus play the knight bounced to hand for 2 more damage, eight total. So either they missed lethal or don't have it in hand.

  2. excuse me, may i ask how is shadowverse going right now? like is this game having a pleasant meta right now?
    i quitted this game about one year ago because rotation pretty much was resumed by aggro forest, puppet and mid range sword – you would either kill or be killed by turn 9 thanks to huge face dmg or some puppet otk shit. wont even mention unlimited.
    also those mid season card releases sucked. i wish i could go back but if things are to be the same then i rather stay away (at least for some more time).

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