Fastest Rare Decoration + Investigation Farm – Drop % Revealed – Monster Hunter World! (Guide/Tips)

Want to know the best way to get that decoration you need? Enjoy!

With some research on investigation farming I’ve done and the decoration table and drop chances revealed we can combine this information for the fastest way to get rare decorations like attack jewel, crit boost and all that good stuff. It’s still slow but at least its now as efficient as it gets!

The Jewel Table:

Best Great Swords:

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  1. One of my first ten jewels ever was an attack jewel never seen one since except my tier 4 fortitude/attack one i have from iceborne with over 800+ hours i started playing not to long ago

  2. Oh is attack jewel really that rare… I thought it was like common.. I melded 3 of them for defense jewel… Still at hr 67

  3. One advice – never, ever try to collect Kirin tracks. Chance for tempered investigations is ridiculously low.

    I spent half an hour, gotten around 130-140 tracks, one only got 1 !!!! investigation. Complete waste of time, you're better off joining SOS and hoping for part breaks to get investigations

  4. They must have updated the game because I only have 120 hours an I have like 4 crit eye jewels and 2 attack, 3 exploit Jews, like I have everything but crit boost. Like everything good lol

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