F1 2019 – PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X vs PC Graphics Comparison, Frame Rate Test And More [4K/60fps]

From a technical perspective, F1 2019 is a good, not great successor to F1 2018. With the arrival of the new consoles next year, we’re excited to see how Codemasters will take the F1 franchise to the 9th gen. Will the EGO Engine ride again, or will we finally see Codemasters craft an engine that’ll make full use of the next-gen consoles capabilities?





  1. F1 2019 GRAPHICS
    PC WINDOWS 10👍
    XBOX ONE X 👍
    PS4 PRO👍

    PC 1st
    XBOX ONE X 2th
    PS4 PRO 3th

  2. I noticed that on ps4 textures and details aren't so good, seems like they took off antialiasing to improve lighting? If anyone has this problem can help me? It would be so beatiful to fix this "issue"

  3. No reason to include PC in this comparison when you not max out the game performance on it. 1080P won't loog good next to 4k even with Ultra high on all other settings.

  4. I have F1 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. I think 2013 is the best one. It has KERS and DRS. I skipped 2017 and 2018, now thinking about getting 2019 for Ayrton Senna. The last game with Senna I played was I think Gran Turismo 5 or 6?? Hmmm….(XBox One X)

  5. Correction The EGO engine was first used in Colin Mcrae Dirt all the way back in 2007 Grid Autosport came out in 2014. Also all the people saying about the Xbox One X & PS4 Pro not looking as good compared to PC try doing what an Xbox One X or a PS 4 Pro can do at $500 or £400 I bet you cant it will cost you even more than that to even get close or even beat them. So I think what those consoles can do are pretty impressive for those prices.

  6. xbot and potatotation are the worst gaming platforms in the world pc is the best ultimate high tech gaming platform in the world

  7. 9:39 "This is in contrast to environmental textures which range from passable in the case of road surfaces downright terrible when it comes to character and incidental environmental details…"
    With that quote I need to point out how utterly hideous the clouds in these games look (since 2017 – the year in which I first played F1 games from CMs).

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