1. What kinda isk/hr is this? I get 50-100 hr lazy ratting in null. Doing exploration I average maybe 100/hr, its hit and miss, might get 40 mil in and hour might get 400

  2. Can someone confirm that incursions will never lower your standing because we fight pirate faction npc; unlike with warfare – we fight other players who choose to play other faction, so killing them will make my standing lower? also as warfare is a pvp, so i likely lose ship and get pod killed (lose implants). P.S.: I never done incursions or warfare before, so want to know the consequences.

  3. I'm an armor guy myself, I like not having to worry about capacitor running my resistances ( My nightmare runs 4 heat syncs even with armor 3 sebos 3 TCs and a target painter 😛 ) If you wanna try out armor, The Ditanian fleet is the group to run with, real friendly bunch.

  4. Thank you. I'm about to join Warp to Me for some Incursions and this is exactly the Information I've been needing. Oh, just realized how old this video is.

  5. I've felt for many years that EVE needs full blown Incursions. Where pirate factions break down Concord in high sec, and Concord then pays players to help restore high sec status.

  6. After researching a bit and watching this video i've decided i wanna do incursions, but the problem is i only have like 20mil ISK and a PvE fitted Hurricane.
    How can i get the money for a maelstrom or something to start doing incursions?

  7. Can someone give me a link for nightmare uncursion skill plan? and the lvl for core skills what lvl i need to have it ?

  8. Drifter Incursions can be done, you just need a huge fleet to do them in cheap ships and a lot ships to replace them. I heard they had insane amounts of money.

  9. for minmatar T1 BS you want a Maelstrom as a sniper ship. missile boats usually suck because of the flight time mechanic, the missile boat runs as a DPS ship and has to be face punching the rats, plus ideally shooting the target+1 rat on the (numbered) target list to get its damaged applied

  10. Excellent vid! I am planning on sending my alt in to run incursions as he's not worth wardeccing. And thinking of training him to logi first might be the way to go.

  11. awsome mate thanks and cheers 🙂 been woundering about this a long time now. keep up the good work and thank you again :). once i get my skils ill look into it. more. biggest issue i have is the fact that everyone treats you like a spie. and so many gankers out nowadays it aint funny

  12. Doesn't Sansha have EM and Thermal damage, why use Adaptive Invuls instead of damage specific types? Is it different in incursions?

  13. my first incursion video watched on youtube! thanks for giving us such a great ones! looking forward to join one of the fleets!!! skill-queue started!

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