EVE Online: Incursion Trailer


The recent attacks coming from Sansha’s Nation have brought turmoil and discord, but we are about to discover that it was only the beginning. A wave of vengeance-fueled Sansha legions advance, bringing devastating new technology that will test the fortitude of every pilot unfortunate enough to get caught in their wake.

The Sansha incursion is on it’s way in the next free expansion to EVE Online.


  1. Man, How bad is an Incursion? There was an Incursion in my Home System 2-3 weeks ago, and i never ONCE seen an enemy ship. Not even when the Pirate Strong Hold was around, i only ran into their ships at Asteroid Belts. It was .7 Sec, tho.

  2. The idea of Renter's space first came to fruition because of the CODE alliance ganking in High Sec and forcing miners to buy their Mining Permits. As the success of their campaign brought havoc to High Sec, Null sec alliances soon saw the advantage of a Renter's Permit. A permit that would be purchased monthly that would allow Neutrals to Pandemic Legion access to their Sov to seemingly make themselves rich beyond the dreams of Avarice.

    But like all scams the goal of the Rental Permits is meant to feed the machine of Pandemic Legion by keeping their Renter's just on the edge of making it big but suddenly find out that they have to pay for another barge or implants that they purchase from Pandemic Legion.

    More and more of New Eden is going to fall to Mining Permits and Rental Permits in High Sector if Pandemic Legion is able to knock out the last remaining and truly Free Space in New Eden where any pilot, as long as you are NRDS, is able to go and enjoy all that Null space has to offer.

    Soon Merc corporations in High Sector will be paid by Pandemic Legion to enforce their Rental Permits alongside of CODE's Mining Permits through war decs and ganking.

    The war in Providence is not just about Providence. It is a war that is testing the very fiber of New Eden in remaining free from alliances who would use destruction to ensure that they conquered as much territory as possible. Territories that once used to be free but now have Mobile Depots asking to see your Rental and Mining Permits at the closest station lest you find yourself in a new clone.

  3. I feel like this is gonna be the guy that all the Bumpers picked on while he was mining away. He's just gonna appear one day with a thousand man fleet and decimate everyone .-.

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