EVE Online – gifts, war, bots and the market (discussion video)

With the december patch it’s time to log into EVE for some gifts but there is also war in WH space and unholy rage 2.0 is coming so the market might make some moves soon.
try the game:


  1. it does not matter the day, it does not matter the hour, it does not matter the month, everytime game have 20-25 k they are bots, im sure, almost the 60-80% in the game are bots

  2. Maybe you could start doing a weekly average of the number of players per day so we can see what the bot ban really does. I haven't seen (on login) it over 30k since EVE Vegas.

  3. great video, could you maybe make a video for minmatar ded sites to run in high sec, i would be highly intrested in it. Thanks

  4. I like skill injectors. I played eve for about 6 months 9 or so years ago. The reason i stopped back them was I did not like the direction my characters had chosen and to change direction I was looking at months and months of skilling in a different direction and using up all my remaps. It was overwhelming and it drove me right out of the game. The way it is now I can focus on my skills for one remap and fill in lots of gaps and side skills here and there with skill injectors as I earn the money in game or on the occasion when i splurge a bit and plex. Also keep in mind that ALL the skill injectors come from omega accounts. All those accounts are bought with either real life subscription OR plex on the markets which is bought at SOME point with RL money. More cash for CCP is simply a very good thing for all of us that want this game to remain healthy and profitable. A profitable Eve Online is not going to go away!

  5. @delonewolf If there's a second Unholy Rage, do NOT bring your scanner probes. Bring a full PvP fit this time. 😀

  6. Can someone explain to me how the Hard Knocks corp is getting evicted from a wormhole? And why would this matter on the market? (Haven't played in 4 1/2 years, but I thought WHs were always temporary.)

  7. Gotta disagree on the skill injectors and what not, I really like them and I dont think they cause any real problems. you could just buy a high sp character before similarly, this just makes it easier. I like the ability to catch up from my various breaks.

  8. People who already have hundreds of millions of SP also have the ISK to buy 5 injectors, instead of one…
    This is mostly a "cosmetic" item if you ask me…

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