EvE Online Fishing (Solo PVP commentary)

In this video, we cover the difference between hunting and fishing, and why fishing can tend to yield fights most targets would avoid.

We also cover a new tornado fit that is fearless against small targets but can still hold its own against larger targets.

Time Stamps:
00:30 What is / How to fish(fishing)
06:30 Fishing breakdown
07:58 New Meta Tornado fits
14:55 New Meta Tornado breakdown
22:00 pvp montage / Drone flight

Music: Gold Bomb – Slowing Down No Copyright


  1. 10:48 you talk about module placement, and you place your mwd between 2 lse, and your point not at the edge… You need to place the modules you use the more often and which generates the most heat at the edges of your rack. For example a mwd should be placed at the edge for a kitting ship, no matter what. For the "why", look at the articles about heat generation & heat damage.

  2. Nice drone footage. I've been looking into getting a drone, I can tell the one that you have is a pretty good quality. Probably plus or -1500 bucks. Definitely going to look into the goggles to view.

  3. The quality of your videos is exceptionally high, you need to do more PR you deserve more views!
    May have even cured my bittervet syndrome!

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