Epic John Wick Moments! – Battlefield 5 Top Plays

That silent streak at the start was so epic!

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  1. The guy at 4:02 is the best player i ever seen…… camping with shotgun….wow….so much skill….look at how he died instantly when he had no ammo and swap on the pistol

  2. At 30 seconds he's using aim bot you can easily tell he snapped to the target too accurately it's not really skill

  3. The only way I will buy this game is if it was a real ww2 game because it looks really good just put down buy it’s inaccuracy

  4. I'm always jealous of people those can play on na server or eu server without getting high ping because players on those servers aren't mobile and they love to camp. I've been able to get a lot of headshots very easily on those severs while I was with more than 200 pings because they weren't moving at all

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