1. One of the best commentaries ever in any sport or esport, i go behind in chess by sacraficing pown and then i try to have it back and when i have it back im happy because i have it back and my oppononents are confused because they were thinking im worse player trying to kill with knowledge of my opening which is a little bit true but not as they thought and having confused opponent who does not know you in 2+1 chess game is like playing with table tenis player who uses left hand and also something else i wanted to write but already forgot. Know yes. New word invented by artosis 'swoop in' famous writer andrzej sapkowski once said if he influences language by one word he will die happy like inventor of polish 'panienka z okienka' it means artosis can die too. Terrible painful death by c'thulu xd joking long live sc:bw casters!

  2. mind saw modesty coming in for a jab, caught his dominant leg with a foot sweep then kneed him in the face. knockout combo. it's rare you see someone picked apart so fucking hard these days, jesus christ. what a savage.

  3. What about SC Goliaths+Battlecruisers+Defense matrix? 2:02:00

    Anyone else think the theme song for ASL should be "Lets Fighting Love? ^^
    Though not replace start song of the matches, that song is awesome. Die for the one you hate?

  4. Well I've been killing turtle zergs with Disruption web, goons, zealots, high temps, and archons in the mid game on ladder… I'm B+ on Korea… so… "It isn't my problem" when a zerg is heavily expanding and relying on sunken / lurker / hydra is only 1 way to look at it… Its a very narrow view, because you can still attack, but not be behind in economy… There is a nice timing for what I'm talking about in mid game, and zerg sim city gets owned by Disruption Web + goons and storm Guard the flank with zealots / archon… But what do I know, I'm just B+ rank on korean ladder, lol… Tasteless is apparently the PvZ expert who knows everything, wonder what his rank on ladder is lol…Best just won with a normal army, didnt even have dweb, but modesty's lurkers were to late and got stormed before they even hatched… If those lurkers were there on time he would've needed Dweb or go 4th base 100%. Then we have Artosis talking about how he was "pro" LOL when he NEVER was pro, the TvT strategy 1 factory he used to use was invented by Slayers_Boxer, so he can't even take credit, but tried to because Sharp is a much newer player… No clue where the fuck he got that from… hes like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite… The truth stretches more and more the older he gets and he probably wishes he could go back in time to try again…

  5. Saw a guy asking why Best didn't feedback any Vessels in chat: It's because High Templars do not have Feedback, that ability belongs to Dark Archons in SC1.

    Damn, those sci vessels were mvp though.

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