1. I don't understand these comments… the game is a perfectly normal city building game. You do NOT have to spend any money to proceed, the game required patience, it's only normal for the further you move on the tree, the harder it becomes and the upgrades take longer. The game is pretty chill, the graphics are wonderful and the designs are beautiful.

  2. Don't waste your money on this Game. Everytime I make some kind of upgrade, the enemies are upgraded 4 times the strength. No way to advance unless you spend tons of money. I have spent enough on this game. Wish I hadn't.

  3. Where are the naked women? I thought this was supposed to be the sexiest game ever or something?

  4. Reading these comments I think most typers are a bit old for this game..? Maybe its just not for you? Either way, why flood curses at a trailer for a game thats suitable for children. Learn to behave, thanks. -old dude

  5. DO NOT BUILD A MAGIC ACADEMY! Most useless monstrosity of a building and they WILL NOT let you delete it….

  6. dont ever bother with this game, at some point on they demand to give money in order to continue your progress

  7. some of the things in your game are so stupid.
    1- i have to wait 30 minutes for my axe barbarians to train.
    2-upgrades take painfully long time
    3-how can fight when my enemy has the striking power of 50(meele) and mine axe barbarian has maximum 11.
    please,make the fight tricker rather than this disproportionate difference between the strengths.

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