Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (4K/60fps/144Hz) – PC Master Race Reality Check

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Michael checks wether the PC-Version of Dragon’s Dogma is up for 4K, 144 Hz and the Steam Controller.

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Hello and welcome to this episode of PCMRRC, the PC Master Race Reality Check.

Today we are going to take a closer look at Doragonzu Doguma, an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. We will see wether this former console generation exclusive title handles a 4K resolution or a 144 Hz refresh rate. We will also try to play it with the Steam Controller.

Originally released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 Dragon’s Dogma comes to the PC with all its’ expansions and downloadable content. It also features a new optional fast travelling system and some minor UI corrections. Loading times on the PC are not an issue and apart from true Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing the game allows lots of graphical adjustments to make the game look way nicer than in 2012.

Playing Dragon’s Dogma in 4K at 60 Hz delivers the most impressive experience in terms of visuals. Due to the improved drawing distance of the PC port details on the horizon, like mountains and cities are very sharp – the same goes for nuances on the characters’ armor sets and weapons. Texture resolution has not been improved by a lot though, resulting in the same muddy look like on the consoles. On our test system we were able to play the game at a steady 60 fps with the optional fps lock in the options.

Switching over to our 144 Hz setup we noticed that we were able to spot enemies faster during the often chaotic battles. This is a huge advantage over playing the game in 60hz. Additionally activating the Motion-Blur-Reduction on our monitor improved our experience even further.

In order to get enough frames per second with higher refresh rates the fps-lock has to be disabled in the options. The steam fps-counter then showed a new constant maximum framerate of 150.

Lastly we try to play Dragon’s Dogma with the Steam Controller. At the time of release Capcom does not deliver a specific Steam-Controller profile, so the game automatically chooses Valves Standard profile for mimicking an Xbox-Gamepad. This option does work and the game is perfectly playable with a Steam-Controller in the standard configuration.

We have to say though, that playing it with a Xbox-Gamepad natively makes for an even more naturaly experience. Playing with keyboard and mouse primarily improves keeping track of enemies in battles, because of a much speedier camera controls. Managing the inventory with weird hotkeys, jumping or simply traversing the world in odd looking 45 degree angles makes the mouse-keyboard-combo less intriguing in the end.


We think players will have the best time playing Dragon’s Dogma on a 1440p monitor in 144 Hz, with the deactivated fps-lock and an Xbox-Controller.


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