1. Im annoyed by two things. 1: You didn't recognize the arachnatron nooo! 2: That is NOT the crucible. if you would have been a bit more into the lore of DOOM 2016 you would know what that is.

  2. THERE. IS. IN. GAME. CAMPAIGN. PLAYER. INVASIONS. "We must now go and save up for a xbox one X just to play this in the most detail possible"

  3. That last monster is the arch-vile, that pose is so damn iconic; in the original Doom 2, if you see that guy, either hide or kill that thing quickly. And it is better to kill that thing quickly

  4. If we can become the fucking cyberdemon I'm so going to invade a players game But now there are 2 doom slayers……

  5. Samuel hayden buggered off with the crucible to study. It would seem that dr hayden finished his work and started producing the new versions for elite soldiers. I do not doubt that the slayer stole one

  6. I was like "who the hell is this guy?" but how passionate you are about the game hooked me into watching. Can't wait for the game either.

  7. damn dude. we got the anniversary coming up, john romero is releasing SIGIL wad for og DOOM and then the makers of quake are releasing a new game on quake tech engine 1. tis year is the year of oldschool/newschool fps

  8. I love Doom 2016 and this looks awesome but is it running a little bit slower pace I hope to God not because I love the fast pace of the last Doom game

  9. Haha Bro, you probably haven't played the earlier games or read all the lore but that's okay. I'm just glad to see someone just as stoked about Doom: Eternal as I am✊

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