DOOM (2016): The Best Game I've Ever Played

In 2016, Id released the fourth title in the Doom franchise. a reboot simply titled DOOM. In this review and analysis of DOOM (2016), I discuss everything I love about the game and explain why I think it’s the best game I’ve ever played.

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  1. Amazing fucking review. Congrats on making a perfect review video. If only other people would try as hard as you did.

  2. saw this game review today and had to buy, about an hour in and im so glad i purchased, lots of fun and only $20 : )

  3. this new doom is just basicly one death match ,,, then nothing ,,,,then another death match … I found it boring after a while … where's the jump scares, and not been able to play in the dark like past doom editions ?

  4. I read this title and I literally laughed out loud. The first Doom game was groundbreaking, but iD software completely has dropped the ball on it after wards. No story. No original game play style. The only thing Carmack & Co does, is push the envelope for engine design. Carmack is one of the greatest game programmers out there, but making games, they are not particularly well at, in a modern setting of 2019. The Last Of Us, blows any and all doom games out of the water, due to it's narrative, the atmosphere, characters and incredible voice acting. It's really unfortunate, that Carmack has the opinion he has, on games and storylines, because Doom could have been such a great cosmic horror story adventure, and still be filled to the brim with action. Dead Space 1 & 2, completely removed Doom from the space horror genre as king, and doom will never reclaim it's throne, since it would have to retroactively build a narrative and that is rarely something that can be pulled off.

  5. Is it still possible to Platinum this game, here in 2019?
    I'm wayyy late to the party, but I wanted to pick it up. There are a few multiplayer trophies possibly standing in the way – are the servers still up? People still playing? etc.
    Thx and cheers.

  6. Also, heaven came down to the slayer and basically told him that he was their champion and gave him immortality, unlimited stamina, eternal rage and the praetor suit he wears makes him stronger with every demon he kills

  7. I’ve been a doom fan for a very longtime and I have a lot of doom items in my gaming collection but doom 2016 is by far the best doom because I love the gameplay and graphics and it’s very updated from what we are used to see in a doom game. I have beaten doom 2016 several times and it never gets old and I still have lots of fun playing this doom game. But I still show love to the other doom games that came before and I played doom a lot in my childhood and it never gets old to play.

  8. I played the original Doom at school in 1993 (I was 13 years old) on school computers because we couldn't afford a PC at home. We did eventually buy our first second-hand PC a few years later. A Pentium P60 with Windows 3.11! I remember upgrading to Windows 95 which makes me feel really old now lol. I love Doom and always will

  9. there is absolutely so much wrong with doom 2016. I have no idea how anyone can go half an hour with the game and not have a list of at least 10 awful design choices

  10. it kinda hurts watching the gameplay you recoreded. Your aim is super shaky and many times just off. But a great review over all.

  11. the worst game ive ever played. i feel like an idiot for buying it. shoot the demons until they glow orange and blue then press a button to watch a cutscene to kill every single enemy. what a joke. Doesn't even hold a candle to the worst parts of Doom 1 or 2

  12. Everyone has their fave! MmI personally love 3rd person open world sandbox games like GTA, [PROTOTYPE] inFAMOUS and SAINTS ROW! for FPS I gotta admit I never played the original doom games until 2010… and Played other FPS like Counter Strike, Ressistance and COD black ops… when Doom was announced I went nuts! I liked the originals… not as much as the real fans who were born back in the early 90's and enjoyed the hell out of it! So I jumped in the hype train and man! This game became my fave!! I just hope They add more games like a "zombie Plague" and "Zombie Scape" that you could add to Counter Strike via Mods… and I think it should be a MUST for ETHERNAL.

  13. If you're getting into arcade-style action games with a horror aesthetic and power fantasy, you NEED to play Devil May Cry 5.

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