DOOM: 2016 #BE3 Showcase Presentation

The fight continues, DOOM Marine. There’s a lot more DOOM for you to enjoy, and we gave you a first-look at what’s in store at this year’s #BE3 Showcase. id Software’s Marty Stratton reveals all the new free content coming to DOOM, including new SnapMap tools and Hell visual themes, plus new multiplayer modes including fan favorites like Classic Deathmatch, capture the flag, and capture & hold. He also shares news around the game’s first DLC pack, Unto the Evil, which includes three new multiplayer maps, new equipment, a new weapon, and the Harvester–and a new player-controlled demon.

If you haven’t joined in on the fun just yet, we’ve got another special surprise. The DOOM Demo is available starting June 13. Play the first level of the campaign for free, available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
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  1. I love snapmap and the campaign, but we really need some new stuff! We need new monsters in snapmap like the Summoner and ACTUALL Bosses, or a squel of the campaign! The Snapmaps are getting too repetitive, please, dont let Doom Die!

  2. id software and Bethesda please listen! I want that you too make sequel for doom reboot series for more action, clory kills, more new awesome guns, and more villains for the fans!

  3. Any possibilities of Doom 1 and 2 map remasters? Classic maps are cool easter eggs, but they play like shit with the new physics, so remaking them with updated graphics would be cool.

  4. Man I'm so glad I got this game. Buying this game was so worth it. It's so awesome that these guys are giving free dlc unlike most games. I know they'll make you pay for a dlc someday, but at least they're giving a few free ones for multiplayer. And making all snap map dlc free.

  5. OMG .. not sure how I just found about this but, addition of true DM, might just give this game a chance online. WHEN????

  6. The story of Doom 2016
    The game is released on May 13 a MONTH later a TRAILER for the FIRST of THREE parts of dlc is shown which says players will see dlc in ANOTHER MONTH and this asshat says and I quote "With just a month past since our launch we hope you've only scratched the surface of fun we've packed into the game" no no no I haven't scratched the surface sir I've blown a hole through it and yes it has been a month since the trailer and I haven't seen Jack shit

  7. id rectified my two biggest problems with Snapmap.  We now have Hell themes and weapon wheel confirmed.  I could not be happier about that.

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