Doctor Doom Becomes Iron Man (Infamous Iron Man Vol 1: Better Than Tony Stark)

Please watch: “The Hydra Avengers (Secret Empire Vol 1)”




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  1. Ok so… I want to make a hypothetical theory , I I'm going with the hypothetical theory that Mr Sinister's , and Forge's mutant powers are actually the same in the purest form. Just different in aspect. Mr Sinister manipulation of genetics = Forge manipulation of technology , both can duplicate genetics the other tech once they come into contact with. Well Mr Sinister has all these different powers , and Forge has a prosthetic bionic leg ? I really feel that Forge should really be on par with a battle suit with as many different powers using tech that Mr Sinister can do with genetics. Forge should have a little bit of everything , flying , telepathic abilities using cerebro communication , teleportation , like the device Deadpool had. All it takes is one chance of Forge finding some old school iron man armor , and some old doom tech .Even if Forge found one Mr Fantastic device the things he could do . He could even end the Sentinel threat.

  2. When talking about the recipe for a great character/villian… eventually there needs to be mention of names like Doom, Magneto, Joker, Doomsday (I'll argue Doomsday is a great villian to my grave) and more.

    I enjoy great villian stories much more than great hero stories.

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  4. Actually I think this is just another installment of villains trying to be heroes, only to find out that they are not better. Doctor octopus Spider-Man now Doctor Doom with iron Man. I'm hoping to get a white witch over professor Xavier.

    The moral of the lesson is flawed is flawed from the get go…

    There is literally only one Tony Stark. Doom wishes what every other scientist wished which is that you was more cool than Tony Stark, nope your not

  5. The way you break it down is priceless I think the movie people that work on marvel could greatly use your insight to keep things as authentic as possible you truly have a gift for this and I enjoy it and ive never read a comic in my life but to hear you is probably better.

  6. Lol dude I had no idea you were one of the kids that can’t read a story that isn’t all about being able to “affect the FuNdeMentAl FoRces Of tHe UnivErse” and then say one of the best writers ever isnt caring about what he’s writing. Lol as small as a community as comic book readers are it’s just sad it’s so toxic

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