Disguised Toast with the GENIUS CALCULATION! | Hakkar Druid | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone

Disguised Toast showcases some genius calculations with Hakkar Druid.

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  1. Pretty sure toast would have won if he Spellstoned Hakkar at 16:10 instead of hero power. He would have drawn a corrupted blood on his next turn before Togwaggle, so there would have been one more in the deck after he naturalized.

  2. Some days I come home from a long day at work, and I don't feel like playing PoE. Your videos are perfect for those days. thanks man

  3. Love you Toast but every time I look at your web cam I see your hair and when I see your hair…I realize that you look almost exactly like that guy from the interview that played Kim Jong Un…

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