Diablo Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Scott Eastwood, Camilla Belle Movie HD

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Diablo Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Scott Eastwood, Camilla Belle Movie HD

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  1. I READ below. Look, first 5 minutes, with the shots of snow and mountains, I was hooked. Yes, I also felt acting in those minutes was a bit stuff, but this aint the 1980 or 60s when Clint did his stuff. I say GREAT movie and that is in first five minutes! You go Eastwoods!

  2. Not to get confused with DIABLO from video game & not that other character from Suicide Squad either. But space rock presents "Die-Aye-blow" coming soon.

  3. I was just watching the movie got so annoyed that I needed to come here and comment…so horrible acting…he was desperately trying to copy his father and failed miserably…. so bad impressions an acting…

  4. The cast is great, but this movie looks like trash… don’t worry, Scott. A great western film will find you and do you justice.

  5. Can you stop comparing him to his father. I mean, come on he's not his father so what. It must be hard being always in the shadow of someone else.

  6. You can't judge every famous person who is a son or daughter of a legendary actor or actress. How would you feel if your father was Clint Eastwood or Brad Pitt? Scott is an underrated actor tbh, he's not trying to be his dad. Maybe if you left your negativity in your head you would see that he's trying to make a name for himself. He may have the face but he's SCOTT EASTWOOD

  7. Clint Eastwood looks like a badass in his western. Even the name Clint is badass Eastwood…however the name Scott just doesn't make me shake in my boots, pardon the pun..plus the younger Eastwood in just to short to play his Dad's roles…that said I'm rooting for him to find his niche.

  8. Wow the resemblance is amazing so how much he looks just like his dad. The late Clint Eastwood. A bonus….he even talks and sounds just like his dad. What a legacy!!

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