Diablo Immortal Reveal with Twitch Chat Reaction – Blizzcon 2018

Twitch Chat reacts to the announcement of Diablo Immortal (a new Diablo Mobile Phone Game) during the Blizzcon 2018 Opening Ceremony! Relive the torment as thousands of Diablo fans get their hopes and dreams shattered in one trailer. Press F to Pay Respects

From the Blizzcon 2018 Opening Ceremony at Blizzcon 2018

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  1. Not a Diablo player or fan, but fuck I feel sorry for everyone who got excited until he said that awful word… "Mobile"…

  2. …..Netease is a chinese game company and Diablo Immortal is maden with chinese money by chinese company….and even trailer has lot of chinese stains, just like the movie pacific rim….why blizzard…you intentionally wear chinese stained shirt while the rest of world try to avoid them….lol Thanks for all the good memories though…i had fun with diablo since the diablo 1…and i think, finally, this is where we cannot stop the demons anymore… ; (

  3. you can actually see how the crowd went almost completely silent the moment he utter the words "mobile devices", it actually pretty amazing, now I don't play diablo games but man even I feel bad for the ones that were expecting a brand new game, actually I don't know how I should feel worse for, the fans or that poor dude that keeps talking well after he realizes "damn we screw up" in this presentation.

  4. I love how Blizzard always makes a fantastic game and somehow finds a way to screw it up! But, I thought they couldn't screw up Diablo, b/c it's so contained. And Blizzard once again proves me wrong. Real talk; are they intentionally sabotaging their own games?

  5. Idiots.. I see they took out the part of the guy in the crowd that asked them, "Is this a out of season April fools joke?" Because it is one.

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