Diablo 4 – Who is the Next Final Boss? (Diablo Theory Explained)

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Who is the Next Final Boss? (Diablo Theory)

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  1. IMO it gonna be one of those angels may be imperius, or angel demon alliance. why u may ask? Cuz the nephalem are more powerful than ever, threaten the very existence of both worlds. Imperius always want to eliminate humanity. Hell? u guess it. they got their ass whooped by nephalem for so many times

  2. By three they come, by three thy way opens, by the blood of the willing, we call thee home. Hail Daughter of Hatred

  3. I know this must have been debated by now, but with the announcement of Diablo 4 some weeks ago, I can tell that OF COURSE Lilith is gonna be an act-closing villain. It' gonna be an epic family fight. I guess the Nephalem will fight Inarius in the first part of the game with some aid from Mommy Lilith, and after some plot twist, she'll turn against her own sons.
    Now, with the Worldstone destroyed, the real power of the sons of Angels and Demons will force the Greater evils to unite and, I don't know how, make Tathamet walk on Sanctuary for the first time.
    The thing is, that now Humanity is as powerful and numerous enough, and is now aware of it, no Heaven or Hell can curb its powers, so a confrontation with Anu himself can be a great possibility
    That being said, in the next story, im pretty sure of these things:

    -We won't be some adventurer trying to figure out what's happenning under some graveyard
    -Now there are three powers on the Endless Conflict
    -Now that there are many Nephalem going around Sanctuary, and as we have seen on the trailer, every place will be more dangerous. No more little red demons on the outskirts, but bands of brigands might be a common enemy
    -And last, but not least, we won't be siding with the forces of Light in a quest to push Evil out of Sanctuary, because now…


    Blizzard said it will return to the dark stories and gothic horror style of D1 and D2, and do you have any other idea on how to get this story going without making it some cheap fan-service?

    I'm settling for this, and boy, I'd love to kick heavenly and demonic ass alike, and show them who's in charge now

  4. Well, now we know what's happening with diablo 4, here's an idea for diablo 5:
    There could be a crazed clan of nephilim that have taken control of the world stone. They plan on destroying sanctuary, the high heavens and hell and all other known dimensions. Their goal is to create another reality from scratch by destroying everything that currently exists. The only beings that would still exist is their elite circle of leadership. In the process shifting reality angels and demons are being weakened in power as all humans start to awaken in power. Most humans don't realize the ultimate plan and support the nephilim in control. Your group of heroes is there to fight the increasingly powerful chain of leadership of the crazed nephilim. You also have to fight off the awakening power of normal humans who don't realize the ultimate goal is the destroy all existence, people think the angels, demons (and your band) are attacking their leadership out of jealously. So it's angels, demons and your band against all of humanity.
    This way your band of warrior can include angels and demons as well as the normal characters. Just imagine the skill tree for an angel or demon. How awesome it would be to play a character with wings.

  5. Er…. Hello… It's in the Title… Why else did they have Malthael break the Black Soul stone and release the Prime evils once again.

  6. wow how many people including you just steal content and act like it is your own is just crazy.

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