1. I just finished listening to the Conan The Barbarian OST for the 99999th time. You can seamlessly transition from that into this. It's awesome.

  2. I remember when I was like 8, or so, I played Diablo 2 with my dad. That was a good time. The Game has a much deeper and overall better atmosphere than it's sequel…

  3. Pinche Nihilithak, even if self served and corrupt, (then again, the worst thing any man did was try to mind his own business..) I think even if the demons invaded that barbarian fortress, that necro still woulda defended it, just raising the dead barbs back to undeath, hiding in the center of em heh. Matalo Wey! 😛 0:21 to 1:33 – it's the best, nothing quite like it ever created; really brings out how it's doomed and surrounded.

  4. Thank god Path of Exile captured the atmosphere that Diablo 2 had. It's a shame D3 had to be released at all, such a waste of money.

  5. listening to this track, and watching diablo3 just makes me wanna cry, Diablo 2 was so fucking awesome, and I feel so lost in the new game, it doesn't have anything related to diablo 2 except a few characters and Diablo himself, played Diablo 3 first expansion, completed it, and was so mad at how the game was developed. But Diablo 2, I could play that shit for years. even pause and comeback!

  6. @owooveck And the poor barbarian roasting the little rabbit outside his shack. I remember dropping 20,000g for him inside his shack every game lol

  7. Wow…I played D2 back in the day, and l still play it now. I remember finishing it a couple times – but I never remember hearing this music! Thanks for posting – so happy to have found and heard this… starting to go crazy waiting for D3; hearing this makes me think that whoever's doing the music has some big shoes to fill! I've heard the new Tristram and Caldeum tracks, and yeah they're ok, but this track, and "seige" from Diablo 2 have just blown me away. New respect for Matt Uelmen 😀

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