Detroit: Become Human (Zero Punctuation)

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  1. Yeesh, now I wish they would've stuck with the soccer game they were going to give us this month instead of D:BH and Heavy Rain, considering I really don't enjoy games like this, and I ESPECIALLY don't enjoy MELODRAMAAA! games.

  2. ""You did it!" Exclaimed the sexy android.
    "We did it," corrected Markus, in a slightly admonishing but still devastatingly charismatic sort of way"

    My fucking eyes rolled inside my eye sockets so much they turned into pin balls

  3. I think that the most annoying bit of David Cage's games, or at least this one, is his obligatory
    'necessary' serial killer houses.
    End spoilers
    That place in the game just made no sense to me because
    You have the option to let out of the serial killer house a bunch of unhinged, insane and experimented on monster droids that kill said, serial killer. HOWEVER, even though this game has 'consequences cause choices,' there are no effects to society or the 'humanity's opinion of androids' after a bunch of murderous monster droids on the loose. Ever.
    That entire chapter was just another way to try to kill nanny bot and succeed and/or fail and doesn't affect the other protagonists or overall story.
    End spoilers
    What the heck David Cage?

  4. All the talk of melodrama is just a cliche excuse to why these games aren't good….they are good games but are judged as bad by small minded fucks

  5. I feel like making it multiple stories was something of a misstep. The Connor/Hank Storyline was the most engaging, and frankly everytime it switched away I got frustrated.

  6. 1:45 "The androids' superficial human qualities would be triggering the sympathy instinct in most normal people." Nice thought, but completely disproven by the countless instances of religious persecution, genocide, etc. which have occurred throughout human history.

  7. Perhaps making Detroit was David Cage’s attempt to “become human”… haha, Yahtzee pretty much made that joke just as I finished typing it.

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