Detroit: Become Human – Markus Visits Carl – All Outcomes

Nuclear Ending:

Worst Ending:


Hank vs Connor:

Connor vs Connor:

Connor vs Captain Allen:

Markus and Carl:

Connor and Hank Hug:

All Outcomes and Trophies:

All Sumo Scenes:

Connor Breaks Hank’s Heart:

Kara’s Sacrifice:

Markus Alice from Recall Center:


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  1. See this makes me confused as to how Markus could ask Kara why she would protect Alice when she knows that humans hate them. But Markus knows for a fact that Carl was the one human who loved him, treating him almost like a son. Markus even called him dad. So how could he not understand? That moment always baffled me.

  2. "You're my son Markus" – Carl
    "Hang on son hang on son" – Hank
    "I Love you…Mom" – Alice
    Omg!!! The Mother and the father calling my heart!

  3. Carl is telling you to be the light in your heart.The priestess at Jericho once said that Marcus had hell in his heart and heaven in his heart.

  4. Carl's android caretaker: He is very weak, I don't know if he can handle talking to you.

    Markus: proceeds to yell at Carl so much he dies

  5. Who thinks Carl and Markus have a better father and son relationship than Hank and Connor? They just make me cry 😢

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