Detroit: Become Human – E3 2016 vs. 2018 Demo Graphics Comparison

We take a look at how different Detroit looks after two years with the 2016 trailer and the current demo out on Playstation 4!

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  1. The game does look a lot better than the E3 trailer, but I'd rather have the option to switch in between, so that we either have more detail at 30FPS, or less detail at 60FPS.

  2. idk why but i like the original better. The textures seem a bit more real, and fleshier, despite the color grade difference.

  3. the girl on the left looks like alice, but on final graphic she has different face, and if you looked at connor expression, the blue one is better than trailer

  4. lighting changes, more details, connors model is on his jacket in the newer one and also connors jacket goes through his body when he tries to get emma in the newer one

  5. It is obviously higher quality but somhow the faces of 2016 are looking more realistic to me. The blue gradian gives it a better look then the warmth one but sometimes it is also a little to much I think

  6. I just had a add for shadow of the tomb raider and it was Xbox then some guy said play it on the worlds most powerful console at the end
    I have never been so triggered at an add

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