Detroit: Become Human: Chores… – PART 2 – Kitty Kat Gaming

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  1. Also Suzy if you’re already having trouble with controls, just change the difficulty. It gets much harder later on. Please explore more!! You’re missing a LOT

  2. PSA- this is Suzy’s channel. NOT ARIN’S. Stop asking her to get them to keep playing it. They clearly stopped awhile ago and it’s just rude! Either enjoy her play through or stfu.

  3. OMG! I find it so cool that this game sort of reminded you of Chobits. I felt the same way the first time I saw it and after seeing my first playthrough decided to watch the entire series again. I should read the mangas. Sumomo was my favorite.

  4. I've seen the Kara chore section four times now, and each time I'm just shocked that either Michigan has gotten rid of its 10 cent deposits on cans and bottles, or Kara is not properly perpetrating thim to be returned/is just throwing them out.

  5. Slight spoilers, I guess, regarding a certain character's appearance later on…

    Early-game Kara is my favorite Kara. I really don't think the pixie cut is for everybody. Her story is still my favorite though, even though I've only seen as far as the Grumps have gotten.

    EDIT: I just looked up Valorie Curry, who plays Kara's face and voice, and she actually looks cute with a pixie cut. How strange that Valorie looks nice in it, but Kara doesn't, heh.

  6. This subtle little hints and clues in this game is amazing, I never noticed before in the family photo the little girl looks blonde, but Alice is brunette.

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