DETROIT Become Human – Android Junkyard Scene – Creepy Scene

Detroit Become Human The Junkyard Scene. Junkyard Scene in Detroit Become Human. After Markus is shot by the police, he is thrown in an Android Junkyard. He then reboots and has to rebuild his body. This scene was pretty unnerving. Android’s pleading for their life is pretty scary. From the Dead.

Detroit Become Human Android Junkyard Markus


  1. When Markus removes his “stress meter” ( I haven’t played the game so I am spoiled ) he looks like “FuCk mY StReSs lEvEl”

  2. Him saying "My name is Markus." was actually a super big deal. It is his way of saying I am now completely self conscious and knows exactly who I am.

  3. One of the most impressive and beautyful games I have ever played! Graphics quality is above all else, and storytelling is intense!

    The replay value is also very high because of the various endings and different locations (for example stay overnight either in a motel, derelect building or dark alley) and especially when a character dies.

  4. Markus kinda upgraded as most of his new parts are from the 900 series and we havent seen a 1000 series android yet the latest being the rk900 connor

  5. This scene was amazing ..a scrapyard of abandoned androids in a cold dark future industrial and dark ..loved it🔥🔥

  6. If I ever have a son I'm going to name him Markus if I have two the other will be named Connor if I have 3 I'll try to name the oldest Luther

  7. This is kinda strange CyberLife doesn't turn off all of androids (like, they can't turn on again), because imagine: if Marus could fix himself, other androids probably could too (not every of corse, but some of them – yes). Some of them are deviants. Sooo, if they would go out of the junkyard, they would probably want to revange, they could hurt humans. It's weird they doesn't turn them off :/
    sorry for english, still learning ;p

  8. I have a sad theory about that singing Kara: maybe it was discarded because it showed defiance at construction, and the reason why she's singing is to try to prove that she isn't broken, trying to prove her worth

  9. Me: What the heck happen too Markus

    Android Doctor: He has Ligma
    Me: What Ligma?
    Android Doctor: LIGMA BALLS
    Me: You don't even have balls
    Android Doctor: 🙁

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