DeepMind Starcraft 2 demonstration – MaNa's personal experience.

I am not the best story-teller, but I hope you will enjoy this video. I speak about this with all honesty and excitment. It is about my personal journey to DeepMind office to play AlphaStar.

You can find more information about the event and work in here:

Once again big shoutout to Google DeepMind for taking an exceptionally good care of me during the matches and the event. It has been an honour to work with them.

Watch live at


  1. The AI is cheating anyways, it's not looking at a screen, it's not controlling a mouse or pressing keys on a keyboard, and it's not listening to the sounds through headphones/speakers. If we would play starcraft the way the AI does we would get permanently banned by Blizzard.

  2. Now all they have to do is add the ability to trash talk in chat, and that AI is perfect! 😀

    Great video, MaNa. It was very interesting and entertaining!

  3. In game 6, the warp prism didn't do much direct damage, but it removed the primary way AlphaStar had been scouting – putting on pressure. Instead of living near your base to judge what it needed to make, it was dumbly hovering toward and later blinking toward the warp prism all the way until you forced the engage. The time the warp prism bought definitely hampered the AI, as with lack of info, you can see it even started making a 4th. If you go back to the 4th game, as much as people harp about the blink micro, you can see it had charge ready and superior upgrades. Other games showed that it used pheonixes to shoot down warp prisms, so something very screwy happened during exhibition for it to keep making oracles rather than a pheonix and focusing on the warp prism so much.

  4. I think AlphaStar copied your wall off on game three. If you look at yours is game two, it's identical.

    Just a guess. I think he saw you using it twice in a row and decided to use it too.

  5. You were wonderful! I was very impressed by your play and by the Agents play… if AlphaStar learned from you, it would be unstoppable!

  6. Terrific video, Mana. I’m really glad you highlighted the unfairness of alpha star’s complete map view. But I’m disappointed that you don’t understand or don’t admit that every victory and defeat vs alpha star only makes it stronger. When, for better or worse, Deep Mind moves beyond games and gains access/control over all global computer systems, you will have played a notable role in its evolution.

  7. I think the problem is that people haven't had any time to analyse the AI game play. If people had a few weeks with it, I'm sure we could beat it.

  8. Then, Mana looked at AlphaStar in the cameras and said The Ultimate Words, in a booming voice that could have been heard from beyond Mar Sara: "LEARN TO CODE!"

  9. wrg,idts. no such thing as in the dark or not sure or first or know or what to expect, do or lose or incapable or want to make sure show or weel or nervous, fear scaed etc about that, no such thing as smart or beat or bizzare or not or fun or not about it or should or panicx etc or good about it, no panicx, anxeitx, stresx, fearx etc for suchx, anyx, do, can do any nmw and any e perfect, happyx, infinitx confidenx nmw. musclex doesn't matter

  10. Mana. You did not represent yourself, nor Team Liquid, nor the SC2 community. You represented the human race, and you loss haha
    Good analysis very appreciated !

  11. Come on it's a computer. It can do things no human could ever duplicate. How often did it "micro" a unit back while at the same time targeting specific unit?. The blink stalker game was ridiculous. Saving almost every single stalker in most of the early confrontations is something that would be impossible for a human to duplicate. That doesnt mean it isnt amazing programing and "AI," but it has no limitations in terms of how many units it can control at one time. When you save individual units over and over again it really doesnt matter if your tactics are better eventually you will prevail and that is what Deepmind was able to do.

  12. Is the AI building more probes than human players do because it knows its gonna loose some from herasses.

  13. Do not agree with this, we are playing with fire when it comes to AI as a species. Its benefits does not outweigh the risks to society as a whole down the road. This guy does not even think about this. This is not like the industrial revolution, nobody can predict the future but we sure as hell can see a cliff at the edge of a mountain when we see it but seems like we are determined to walk off that cliff when it comes to AI. If anything humanity has shown we do not have the power nor the will as a collective to determine what is right and wrong. Does nobody else see the danger of AI.

  14. The AI, the event, and all of the insight into both the development of Alphastar and it's play choices are simply fascinating. Love what this indicates about the future of this!

  15. There is no need to feel sad. The AI was trained on SC2 for 400 years in a month of human time. So it should be better at playing game than you : D

  16. MaNA you are a class act sir! One of the most professional and thoughtful gamers I've ever witnessed. Well done sir.

  17. OMG I grabbed my phone to look at the text notification I got because MaNA's phone made that sound in his video lol.

  18. Loved the idea of the match and the way it was presented. Good job everybody. But this video is especially enjoyable because it shows the human side. Thank you for that, MaNa.

  19. AI will be used in real war. GG. You played so well, but I saw it cut you off and take you apart from 3 directions, no human could co-ordinate that and micro units.

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