DEATH STRANDING Gameplay Demo PS4 (2019)

DEATH STRANDING Gameplay Demo PS4 (2019)

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  1. This game looks like convoluted and pretentious garbage. Not surprised its getting bad reviews but not bad reviewscores. Kojima is way too high off his ass fumes

  2. So it’s a AAA puzzle, exploration, action Adventure, inventory management, time management, travel quest…etc. type game

  3. Kojima is like a secret Society and you will never know what the secrets of the game is by buying it, and if you buy it and don't get answers by the end of the game well smart ones will never play a game from him again.

  4. I am not going to have the time to play this, but man this looks awesome even though I have no idea what it’s gonna be bout, other than toting boxes.

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