Dark Valkyrie Diana – Cosplay Progress – League of Legends

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In collaboration with Riot Games I was able to record the progress of my Dark Valkyrie Diana costume!

The costume was done in one week, while around 5 hours of the work was documented with a GoPro (mainly mounted to my head). Riot Games was in charge for the editing and showcased the final video at GamesCom 2014 in their “Cosplay Village”.


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  1. This must be before you learned a lot of English. You speak in all your other videos, A LOT lol

  2. If she would have took white eyes lences the whole cosplay would have looked insane but its already sooo perfect 😍😍😍 Amazing work

  3. It gave me emotion
    I'm a fan of warcraft and dream of someday dressing like in the game. Try to make a shop because they are not all that have the same talent. Make a course for the public, open a course and people will pay you to learn detailed. You deserve a factory of yours with these costumes. In addition to providing employment, we will all be grateful.

  4. Super Videos. Vielen Dank. Sie beide (mit Hund drei, diverse Katzen?) sind echte Künstler. Es ist eine Freude Ihnen zusehen zu dürfen.
    Zu meinem Kommentar. Ja ich bin schon sehr alt und mache mir grundsätzlich immer Sorgen.
    Bis Minute 1:00 schneiden Sie von der Hand weg. Alles gut. Ab der Minute 1:01 aber zur Hand hin! Ich liebe ja spannende Videos, aber hier stand mir kurzfristig der Atem still! Bitte, bitte nicht wieder machen oder nur mit Ketten Hand- und Unterarmschutz. Diese Kuttermesser sind echt fies.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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