Dark Souls is Not Hard

Dark Souls isn’t hard. This is truly the DARK SOULS OF VIDEO GAME ESSAYS AND EDITORIALS. So yeah, the video speaks for itself. Dark Souls has a reputation for being the hardest game ever but let’s be honest, it isn’t just that…

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  1. The Dark Souls of YouTube videos

    EDIT: I get some people telling me I'm wrong for not thinking it's hard, which I guess is the point I was trying to make. Difficulty is 100% subjective, based on objective reasoning. You can think it's hard and I can think it's not, which means I am wrong to you and you are wrong to me. We all have different "right" perceptions of difficulty. There's nothing wrong with this in my opinion. I should have spent more time on this particular point because this was the crux of the video that I don't know if many got. Difficulty is measured through subjective standards based on objective facts and design.

    My underlying point is that Dark Souls is more than a "hard game" to compare everything to. That's hard to fit into a title and it's near the end of the video so I hope you listened to that main point because it's something I'm sure most would agree with. This video was made in response to the growing trend of "IT's LIKE DARK SOULS", and again, I should have made that more clear. Regardless, I love the discussions y'all have in the comments! Hope everyone is having a good day.

  2. the bulk of "game journalist" are just bad at videogames and only want to push X than talk about the dang game however there are a few that know how to play or at lest put effort into the game that they play.
    now i know this is a year old but this video still holds true in current year.

  3. People seem to misunderstand what makes games challenging! It tests your ability to think rather than your reaction time. Dark Souls doesn't require quick reaction time, It's knowing your enemy, building your character smart and making critical decisions like when to heal, when to attack, when to dodge. You don't need quick reaction time, this applies to almost every modern game. In DS it takes more than 3 seconds for some enemies to do their move, time you have to use to think how you'll counter that move. Game are made easier because people get more dumb every year. Impatience, Panicking, Failing to use your brain are a common thing with people today. If you are patient, calm and thinking you'll improve your reaction time in no time too! Difficulty is one of the best features of a game when done right. This comment is for everyone still playing games on easy mode. You're barely playing the game, why don't you watch a movie. At least you dont have to do anything there!
    If you're bad at games reaction time is not your problem, trust me

  4. I agree with most points here but you do some really stupid mental gymnastics here.
    Dark Souls IS hard. There is no denying it. All the things you mentioned just prove that. You have to stay careful at all times, learn the mechanics, enemy attackpatterns, etc..
    You really have to change the way you play and think compared to other games these days, which is hard!
    No, it's not Ninja gaiden hard where you need an insane amount of mechanical skill but it is hard in its own way.

  5. "dark souls is not hard" talks about the factors that make it hard and has 2/3 of the video critiquing the reviews and not the actual game

  6. The games aren’t easy in away like it holds but, the game isn’t hard. It’s a fair balanced game that needs you to pay attention and learn the game.

  7. Dark souls is not hard … the very first thing i said when i played Dark souls for the first time .. i really regret it :×

  8. So with this logic is not hard to become NFL or NBA player, since all the same rules and physics apply to you that were already taught to you when you were a child. All you have to do is spend the time to use these in favor of your goal. I really like this philosophy, it makes life so much easier.

    PS. is there even a game that is hard?

  9. "Challenge" and "hard" distinction is weird. Like, things that are challengimg are hard to do at first.

    Tho agree that "The Darksouls of…" meme is a dead horse

  10. if its not hard go fight slave knight gael on +7 if you can beat it first try, ill agree with you dark souls isnt hard.

  11. Its not hard. Just a huge learning curve most first timers just write off as hard. Also the dying makes it seem hard. Everyone is used to getting a game, and maybe dying 4 times through the entire campaign. But in souls dying is actually a primary component in the game. So hard isnt the right word. Its a challenge to learn, but its not hard.

  12. Dark souls is a beautifully made game. Its definitely a challenge, but i feel like this is coming from people who didn’t grow up on NES etc where you had limited lives and if you failed, you had to start over FROM THE START. I haven’t beaten it yet, but I’ve been seriously enjoying it.

  13. Just because there are set rules to the game doesn't mean it's not hard. It takes a long arduous process of failure to finally understand bosses and enemies.

  14. I would make the argument that any game with stats isn't that difficult as long as beef up on one stat. My first playthrough of DS1 was the easiest as all I did was try to max out strength

  15. This was a very bad video. "Dark souls isnt hard, you just have to do x y and z. Also difficulty is subjective anyway."

    Really? That is all you could bring to the table with this clickbait?

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