Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – Forlorn Hope Trailer

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is coming on April 7, 2015 to Xbox One, PS4, and Steam!

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  1. "What do you want…..Truly?"

    The original Dark souls servers to be reopened or dark souls remastered to be given free to owners of the original.

  2. for those wondering
    -no you don't get Scholar of the first Sin for free
    -no you can't use your original savegames or transfer your characters
    -yes you get a discount if you own the original
    -the graphics are no different to the original
    -there's more content, new enemies and new secrets
    -lots of enemies have been repositioned, removed or added

    If you loved DS2, you will love SotfS too.

  3. Lets face it Dark souls 2 got screwed over when they didn't let Hidetaka Miyazaki make it. But now hes back for Dark Souls 3.

  4. I think dark souls 2 way better thn 1 even tho i was playin to just get wepeons and items for pvp wich is way better alot of haters played this at release and never went back.dnt believe the hate theres things called patches and scholar was just wat i needed for my nex gen

  5. Foe all the people moaning "Why the FUCK do i have to buy it again? Put it in a patch"

    Simply don't buy it! Sounds like you have the original and that is a complete game on its own. You don't 'need' to buy it again. However, if you WANT to buy it again for a few added graphic tweeks you can. NOBODY is forcing you to buy the game again. You got a quite hefty patch which added a boss already for free.

    That's the one problem with gamers nowadays most think they are entitled to everything FREE! I can understand if a dev/publisher removes content and sells it as day one DLC or forces you to buy DLC to find out how the game ends but not this. LIghten up guys seriously _

  6. Your fucking money grab tactics can go fuck themselves and you too, I had demon souls and dark souls premium edition or what the fuck it was called but this directx 9 and 11 bullshit is fucking ridiculous fuck you

  7. Let me break down what you're getting here.
    Better visuals accompanied by 60fps (60FPS for console users they joy)
    All the DLC 3 parts and additional ending (The ending being free on all versions)
    Six player coop / vs.
    Essentially what the game should of been at release, I'm happy that people who sold their last gen console can now enjoy this game, and I hope to buy this and do a playthrough with the aim of getting 40+m souls.

  8. I don't understand such a degree of hate people give for this game. Would you prefer another crappy port for the next gen? Would you prefer for the launch date to be pushed a year or two so you could have your perfect game? Sure, From has made its mistakes in making this game, but it's still a great game, and better than most other games of it's time; and I bet the same can be said for SotFS! If I have the money for it, I'm buy this when it comes out!

  9. Dark souls 2 was so heavily dumbed down that I just can´t be bothered. Everything what I liked at first Dark souls was gone from the sequel. =/

  10. I never bothered with the PC version or the DLC and instead just played the standard version on PS3. Hearing that this version will have all the DLC and some other changes makes me consider picking it up. No full eye orbs still leaves me preferring DS over DS2 though. 

  11. Why is there a long sword in the Bonfire? I thought it was a sort of fire poker that was twisted on it's self and was charred and red with heat?

  12. I just wish I could transfer my PS3 save to my PS4. I'm in 30 hours in my third play through. Not that I finished the game the first two times. I restarted the game thrice because I didn't like how my character was developing. Now I finally get it right, I buy the DLC and then they announce this version. I'm so pissed right now. The only reason I still held onto my PS3 was for DS2. Had that a superior version for PS4 was coming soon, I would've held off on buying the DLC.

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