1. the kanji reads: direction, hardship, begging
    2:48 i imagined a whale or a group of dolphins emerging from the surface of the sea

  2. Play it with 2x Speed, trust me, you won't regret it πŸ™‚ I would try it at 4x but Youtube is only allowing to go up to 2x the speed. Why you should do it? Go search for an amazing Guy's Channel called Jaime Altozano (and search for his DS Video)

  3. when i first came to majula i felt very empty and alone. I have friends and family but somehow this song made it all feel… meaningless.

  4. Out of every breakup I've had
    Every heartache I've gone through
    Through the bad grades and friends leaving
    This is still the most depressing experience I've had

  5. No hay duda de que es la musica que mas he escuchado en mi vida, dejando el personaje afk en majula mientras hacia otras cosas en la PC

  6. Darksouls 2 doesnt deserve all the hate it gets. I love all the darksouls games but looking back, ive had the most fun with this one by far.

  7. Dark souls II was the game that make me fall in love with all the DS saga. I know that it's not the most famous, but for me it's awesome. Now I'm in love with all the Souls Borne world!!

  8. I still remember when I was 10 and Dark Souls 2 was released.I didn't play any soulsborne before and when I entered that theme was playing I liked it and continue.I only last a few hours in that World it was so dificult for me but a year after the tipical pre-teen problems began and I tried to find a shelter in my two pasions: Music (specially Rock and Metal) and Videogames.I heard that SOTFS was going to be released so I thought,why not playing other time?That was the best decision in my life,remembering those times were I didn't have to worry about anything.Majula was my private bedroom were I thought for hours while listening to the theme. It helped me more than any person in my life but what I'm gonna tell you, you probably know that sensation of how the game give you a reason to live and teach you you are not alone and numb your depresion . Now I have played every Soulsborne game and will try to play Sekiro.Only thank you Motoi Sakuraba,Thank you Hidetaka Miyazaki and everyone in From Software and also this comunity of people

    PD:Thanks for reading it and sorry for my bad English,if anyone of you are going through a bad time you can count on me or anyone on this comunity, don't go Hollow πŸ™‚

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