Dark Souls : DRIFT SOULS

Tribute to Initial D anime. Kind of.

I took a looot of time to make this one. And I want to thank a lot of people :
– First, PewDiePie, because one of his “Try not to laugh challenge” video made me remember this music and all the Initial D memes about it.
– Hugh G Rection for his Multi-Soul Drifting video :
He gave me courage to put my hands on DSMODT, a mod tool for Dark Souls.
– nyxojaele for his work on DSMODT ! A wonderful tool, and a great haircut !
– All the Dark Souls modding community for their help.

Music :
– Initial D – Deja Vu :

Anime extracts :
– Initial D (the old one) – First Episode

– Home Page :


  1. Honestly couldn't see how this combination was going to work but as soon as that car started doing rings laaad round asylum demon I was sold. Perfect 20/10

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