DARK SOULS : Bartholomew Trailer

When you’re ready for a serious challenge, join us. Your real fate awaits you in Dark Souls.

Prepare to Die

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ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Violence


  1. Dark Souls. What can I say about the series that hasn't already been said to death?

    Truth is, Dark Souls has given me the strength to keep going even with my depression and PTSD from the military. Why? Because I know that to give up is to die in a way that is worse than physical. I've seen the depths of the Abyss, the fires of Lost Izalith, and the dizzying heights of Anor Londo. I've seen friends, and used their strength to help me forward. And returning to the series as my depression returns, I know I'll have the strength of will to keep going.

    So to everyone, don't any of you dare go Hollow. You have a friend. Praise the Sun.

  2. To clear up any question, this trailer was concepted and made by the US marketing director (me), along with a Burbank based agency named Petrol. Neither Miyazaki nor FromSoftware was ever involved with it, though it did complicate marketing matters for the sequels to be sure. Initially, he wouldn't even approve this for release, but he ultimately relented and allowed me to release this trailer alongside availability of the collector's edition & history was made. The campaign went on to headline on IGN nearly every day leading up to it's release. This trailer will always have special meaning for me. Sometimes the underdog does prevail.

  3. This and the all saint's day trailer are arguably the two best trailers in videogame history, they are short, the songs are a near perfect match to the game both in sound and word……..I still get goosebumps from these trailers.

  4. fuck man, part of me just wants to reset my brain so I feel like i can experience 2011 all over again. I've never had the same feeling from any other game when Playing this game for the first time. This and skyrim kept me going through the worst days in that time

  5. Gets me every.single.time. I honestly don't think I can't wait till May 25th, wonder if they'll make a remastered trailer using this song. Nod nod wink wink praising sun in this trailers direction.

  6. They need to re-release this trailer for the remaster. The series has had some really good trailers with guest music but none quite as good as this one.

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