1. 3:08 my god, Moose. Was that a standing block straight into a running? WTF, nearly 3 years since release and i didn't know that was a thing.

  2. Everyone else: Wow Moose, that's pretty epic!
    Me, an Intellectual: HiS eQuiP loWd is 6ixty 9iNe Oh my gosh I'm liTerally sHidDing mY panTS

  3. I'm a smash whoever thumbs downs these…they're so preciously rare now. We have to use positive feedback conditioning to coax him into more.

  4. Thank you for using this weapon! This is my favorite weapon in the entire game, I mean it's definitely not better than the splitleaf but it's the weapon I've used the most. And it's the first weapon I used in my first play-through (as in the weapon I beat most of the bosses with). Any recognition this weapon gets is always appreciated.

  5. I don't think you've done it for DS3, maybe you have DS1 but I'm not sure about that even, but I still want to see Lucerne! It's my favorite weapon and I've never seen you use it ):

  6. I don't think you've done the Darkdrift yet, at least I didn't see it when I scrolled through your channel. It has a nice wake-up/roll catch weapon art, if you do use it

  7. How about the large club log lords little brothers log lads weapon of choice . I have used the large club with a poison infusion … just because I’m a poison fan … but I don’t believe the large club was ever used…

  8. Can you try a 66 str 60 fth or 40 str 60 fth DMB/LB build.. Not sure if youve done this b4. Its a bit common but judging from your play style it'll be worth watching

  9. Sigh people need to stop wearing one piece of the armor of thorns stop trying to sell it to yourself that that black piece of armor matches your outfit if you are far superior to your opponent you won’t need it.. wearing one piece just shows me your fear and your lack of belief in your own abilities ..

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