Dark Souls 3 Pure Intelligence Build – Sorcery OP

A pure intelligence build has the potential to be one of the most overpowered builds. When played correctly, a combination of homing crystal soulmass and crystal soul spear can can even one combo an opponent. As well you can use farron flashsword as your close combat offence while easily switching to long range combat with sorceries.

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  1. As someone who's used a sorc quite a fair bit. Cyrstal Soulspear is good, Crystal Homing Soulmass hits hard, but you're better off with regular soulmass because it consumes less fp and casts faster, and you use that for stun combos and pressuring not its damage. Farron Hail is a must because you can free aim it and lead someone's roll, and they're 99% going to take at least one or two chips from it, and god help them if they roll FORWARD INTO IT.

  2. physical pain while watching this,feels good to cheese someone like this but it doesnt feel good when you are the one being cheesed

  3. Chase: Is this Fighter?
    Dude: Gets hit by all homing Soulmasses, the fails to dofge the crystal souls pear
    me: okay, it is definetley not fighter

  4. Ive been using the crystal sage staff in my off hand since it has the best buff and it applies to your right hand staff. Use court sorc staff in my main hand and boom. Just gotta get timings right and crystal mass+crystal spear is a one shot combo. Spend a good amount of time running away waiting for another open if I'm fighting a roll God thats the biggest weakness imo

  5. My sorcerer build in talent
    Vigor 40
    Attunement 50
    Endurance 40
    Vitality 7
    Strengt 16
    Dexterity 18
    Intellegence 99
    Faith 7
    Luck 12
    And still i Think my sorcerer is weak dont feel like i can do heavy dmg im lvl 200 dont know why i cant one hit trash i still have to hit them 3 Times before they die with crystal soul spear in grand archives those 3 Golden mobs on the Tower im using heretic staff +10 cant find a powerful staff Than this one

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