Dark Souls 3 No Death Run

i have completed the 0 death run challenge! I will post highlight videos but i thought having the complete video would serve to prove i actually completed it!

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  1. Very late comment on the discussion of SAO, but if you loved that anime then you need to watch Overlord, same overpowered main character but the world building and character development is top notch

  2. i feel like a dumbass. i coulda swore i clicked on this vid from the live section. at about 1:10:00 i wanted to join the conversation about anime but couldnt find the stream on my phone. found it in my history.

  3. How about a “kill every enemy” run through where you can’t move on from an area until everything is dead. Whatever set up is best for mass killing

  4. I like to equip young white branch at the start exactly because I don't want the giant to cheese me, his help is quite nice in undead settlement

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