In the past few year or so we’ve seen a lot of big changes in the streaming TV world, and it has made dumping expensive cable and satellite TV packages that much more feasible, without having to worry about losing access to your favorite shows. With the Nvidia Shield and other Android Devices, you can make cutting the cord a little more manageable and still watch great content without the fees. In order to save more money, you must spend money up front and you’ll see the saving within 6-12 month.

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  1. Hi Superdell, I recently found your channel and your videos are very interesting. I am a novice, but I purchased the Nvidia after researching the net and discovered it has very great reviews. However, with my lack of knowledge concerning builds and loading various apps on the system, my experience has not been that great! I am trying to get the capacity of the Nvidia but I'm not sure about putting differnt builds or just loading apps.. After viewing this video, I am questioning why I even need KodiTerriaum, etc? Can you advise, in your opinion, if I just install the various apps you are talking about on here others I find interesting not even both with a "build" it would be better?

  2. Is there enyway of get 2 rows of apps on the nvidia shield i can only get one. It takes ages to get to the end of my apps

  3. Hey Dell i just bought a shield during black friday i was wondering if you knew how to get free canadian cable ? thats the only reason i bought the shield to save money

  4. SuperDell my sideload of apps aren't appearing for me to put on my home screen, application are completed and appearing in Es explorer and upon reinstalling them I get the same problem

  5. I used to stream with kodi till I got notices in the mail by the internet company for streaming illegally. Just a heads up.

  6. Hi del awesome video as always I've saved so much money on my cable bills I never use normal cable in over a couple of year now and saved a ton of money which goes on other bills like heating and electricity bills thanks for your advice

  7. thanks for the video. I just bought my Shield yesterday on Black Friday $149. Coming next week. Can't wait, but i'm a bit worried. I'm very inept and illiterate to technology. The family is trying to cut cable cord. Againts my wife's recommendation I bought it and will try to prove to her that we can use format it to be as friendly user looking as cable. It seems like it looks as user friendly as possible on your videos (encouraging). Are these apps free? no subscription? Is it just a matter of downloading them from google store, and waaalllaaa? Or do I have to do the complicating stuff like Kodi, add ons, etc, etc. Sorry…very elementary questions. Thanks so much for your help.

  8. I have a Shield in my bedroom and a Minix U9 in my man cave. I dont see the Shield being better than my Minix . Both play Bluray and 4k Remux files with no issues up to 70 gigs on some files. I like the Shield because it I can use my HDHomerun within Plex with my indoor antenna to record local channels .

  9. Superdell the boxes that comes from the Chinese they are putting in a iptv build in there boxes now and you will get 100 channels but you have to find the ones that works and they are free iptv I been working with them about doing something like this so we see how good they are and they come with iwatctv also on the boxes like terrarium TV they ate trying to stay up to-date I let you no how good they when I get them on my next order

  10. OK I was trying to get on your chat Fri but I could not connect I could see everyone texting but I could not see you send me a link so I can get on line next Friday night thanks

  11. Super dell what's up I been working 7days for 3 months I have been missing your Fri night show talk but there is a new download to check out on chrome download it's called freeflix hq check it out like terrarium TV

  12. Happy to see you survived last night Superdell. Can you spend some time in the future speaking about KODI/APK options for those of us stuck with older (Android 4.4, dual core ) boxes? Would really appreciate it. Am personally finding that Terrarium Tv works better/smoother than KODI on my older boxes.

  13. Thanks dell for hard work you put in for us ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  14. Damn I didn't think you would make a video you must of had this in storage lol last night was to funny thanks for the laughs an great video Dell my. Bro

  15. hi Dell, you were kind enough to answer a question for me last night, i wonder if you could answer one more for me. Is there any Android tv box out there that will play Netflix in HD, even in 720p, ( excluding the shield ), thanks Dell.

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